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Many of them remain in jail for weeks, months, and sometimes years while their cases move forward -- or plead guilty to a crime they may not have committed in order to be released sooner, return to their families, and avoid being subjected to violence and poor conditions in California jails. Detaining people in jail while their cases move forward can have significant and long-lasting impacts on the outcome of people's cases, as well as their health, wellbeing, and economic security. "The pain, hardship, stress and emotional toll my family went through was one of the worst experiences of my life," said Ato Walker, Community Organizer with Silicon Valley De-Bug, who was arrested and had bail set to $85,000. His mother signed a contract with a for-profit bail agency to get him released while he fought the charges. Soon after he was arrested, the charges were dropped, but the $8,500 his mother paid the bail agency were gone for good. Typically, for profit bail agencies charge a non-refundable 10 percent fee based on someone's total bail amount. However, defendants and their families are on the hook to pay that money regardless of whether a court finds someone innocent or whether the District Attorney drops the charges against them. Meanwhile, wealthy defendants are able to post bail and buy their freedom with ease. Moreover, because Black and Latino people are more likely to be jailed than white people while their cases move forward, money bail systems fuel already egregious racial disparities in the justice system.

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