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Police investigations indicate the motive may have been Patel telling Varmall she did not want a serious relationship with him. The prosecutor in the case was Deputy District Attorney Omar Singh of the Homicide Unit. According to prosecutors, between September 2014 and February 2015, Varmall followed Patel and planned “coincidental” run-ins with her to make her think favorably of him. His purpose during those months was to find the best opportunity to kill Patel, a May 12, press release from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office said. On February 9, 2015, Varmall stalked Patel and followed her onto a light rail train. As they exited, Patel spotted Varmall and agreed to walk with him. As they walked across a dark lot, Varmall stabbed Patel seven times. Varmall fled the area while Patel staggered across the street to a restaurant, where medics were called to the scene. Tragically, she died from her wounds three days later according to a Feb. 12, 2015 press release from the Sacramento City Police Department. Varmall confided in one of Patel’s friends that he murdered her because he was romantically interested in her and she had rejected him, police found.

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