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“We’re taking the hardest stance in the state with medical cannabis,” Casey Brown, chair of the Placer County Growers Association, said at the time. Bitter defended Roseville’s limited action at this time, noting that city council was unanimous last year about the medical marijuana ordinance it passed. “City policy right now doesn’t support more liberal regulations for recreational marijuana than it would for medical marijuana,” Bitter said. Some of this has to do with still-evolving marijuana regulations in the state, which first legalized medical marijuana in 1996, passed a comprehensive medical marijuana regulatory act within the past few years and saw its first marijuana czar appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown last year. “Until the state gets all of their rulemaking done, and all their different departments create this whole regulatory system and get all the rules in place to regulate commercial marijuana, we’re not worried about it,” Bitter said. Bitter expects the state to undertake this work in the next 12 to 18 months. In the meantime, marijuana remains a Schedule I narcotic to the federal government, with Donald Trump’s presidential administration looking like it could reverse a trend under Barack Obama to treat nonviolent drug offenders with more leniency. It could be months before Roseville’s proposed ordinance revision goes through. Bitter said the planning commission simply has power to make recommendations to city council, which would likely vote in early July. If council approves the new ordinance, it would take affect 30 days after.

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