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And then the other shoe dropped Monday. An attorney faxed the county to say that Costco was opting out of an agreement giving it exclusive rights to negotiate a lease on site next to Home Depot. Costco had been eyeing the location off and on for three years. For Nader, the pieces of the puzzle fit – with a move to Rocklin to relieve pressure on Costco’s highly successful store are already talking about it,” Nader said. The recently developed commercial crossroads of Interstate 80 and are the logical Costco destination, with at least two developable parcels able to hold a store and parking, he said. And with the possible move to the Rocklin, Loomis area, Costco’s 200 paying jobs and $2 million in tax revenue yearly will add to that economy, he said. But if there is a move by Costco to cut its losses and venture down I-80 to a more welcoming environment, officials in both Rocklin and Loomis say they aren’t in the loop yet. Costco itself is super-secretive during the development process, consistently ignoring several requests over the three years it has been working on the planning process to answer Journal questions. Troy Holt, Rocklin director of commerce and communications, initially said after the county announced the Costco North Auburn pullout that a check with city economic development officials indicated no interaction with Costco. “We would look forward to engaging Costco and Loomis in a conversation,” Holt said. “My understanding is our folks have had no talks with Costco and this is where we are at this point.” Drilling further into a potential Costco move to locate in Rocklin, the Journal asked for information pertaining to any staff appointments or billing activity by city planners with Mike Dobrota or representatives.

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